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I particularly came to love artists who combined a wealth of instruments, ancient and modern, classical and technological; music where you would hear synths dancing with electric guitars to the beat of the bodhran. Artists like Mike Oldfield became my inspiration, and I wanted to create my own.


I did begin saving for a synth, not a home keyboard, a full make your own sounds synth, in this case a Roland SH-101, the most affordable synth there was at the time. Impatience got the better of me, though, and I only saved half the money, and then bought an electric guitar - a brilliant move as it turns out!


And yes, the SH-101 (and other synths besides) did follow in good time!


Life takes you on many journeys, and the path to where you want to be can be looping and circuitous. Usually there is good reason, even if we can't see it at the time. That meant that there were many gaps in my musical path - there were times I had no instruments at all, and didn't play a note for years.

I was born in the North East of Scotland, and grew up and went to University there. Close to a decade in England followed, then a return to Scotland for a year or two, before finding myself in my current home, over in East Texas.


Musically, the first records I bought were by Abba! The transformative moment came when Cosmos arrived on the TV screens, and the music there hit me like nothing before.


I purchased the album, and from that learned about the field of electronic music. I loved the sounds that synthesizers could produce, the textures, the places they could take you!

The soul's true dream may go on hold, but it never dies - so, inevitably, I would return to music time and again. Life has a way of telling you when the time is here, the sense of being on the right path, so I have no regrets about those journeys, as without them, who knows where I might have ended up. As it is, I end up in the here and now, returned to music, having learned much along the way.


My aim is simple and direct - share the music with as many as I can, as I want to give happiness and pleasure to as many as will find it in my music! I know how music has touched me, guided me, encouraged me and saved me, and if my music can do a fraction of that for others, then that would be a blessing!


All the best,


   Faol Glas


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