Electronic and instrumental music for listening, games or film. Find peace or energy with this music that will appeal to fans of Mike Oldfield, The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Enya and more.


Faol Glas is Scottish Gaelic for "grey wolf" and I chose the name as I was born and raised in Scotland.


I love all kinds of music, so there's no telling what influences you might find squirreled away in the tracks! Most of the music is intended to be positive, uplifting or restful, though you'll find the occasional "edgy" track in there now and then.


Music is a spiritual thing, both in where it comes from, and in how it affects the listener, making it powerful, precious and wonderful!

'Retro' is a collection of older pieces from when synths took up physical space, and multi-track meant spinning reels throwing magnetic tape from one to another in a constant whirr of activity. If you prefer the classic electronic sound of the 70s and 80s over the wub-wub-wobble of modern electronic music, then you'll savour these flavours!


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